About Us

Lynch Foods is a long-time leader in the food business. Our commitment to innovation, quality, and service is as strong today as when we first began.


A Canadian food manufacturer, W.T. Lynch Foods Ltd., supplies a full range of high-quality food products for foodservice, retail, healthcare and industrial use. With diverse manufacturing capabilities, we manufacture jams & jellies, sauces & dressings, soup & gravy bases, cold and hot beverage mixes, syrups, and dessert toppings. Our offerings are available in portion size for take-out, consumer-friendly sizes and bulk for restaurant, healthcare, and industrial use. Lynch Foods provides customized food solutions and prides itself on superior product quality, industry-leading order fill rates, quality control standards, and innovative research & development.

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Solina is a leading global partner for the food industry, food service, butchery and nutrition sectors, designing tailormade ingredient solutions, excelling in perfected taste, enhanced nutrition and optimised functionality, that contribute to the creation of food that is good in every sense of the word, good for people, good for the planet. Solina’s culinary food solutions range from dry seasonings, coatings, functional blends to liquid sauces, marinades and more.
By sourcing ingredients from all over the world, applying culinary creativity and technical knowhow from over 30 R&D centres, by running operations from 18 countries spread across Europe and North America, Solina combines its global presence with local market proximity to guide customers in creating consumer-craved foods. Solina counts more than 3,400 employees and serves customers in more than 75 countries. We make food matter for people and the planet.

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Food Safety and Regulatory Expertise


Food Safety is the #1 PRIORITY and part of the Lynch Foods culture.

We maintain the highest regulatory compliant standard across our production processes and pride ourselves on our quality and certification standards.

Best in Class Food Safety Facilities:

  • Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) – SQF Certified Production facility in Toronto with state of the art equipment and on-site QC/QA teams
  • Full Traceability across all manufactured products and allergens
  • Allergen segregation and controls in place to avoid cross-contamination
  • Expertise in food regulations
  • Experienced regulatory team
  • Corporate commitment to food safety: maintains the highest regulatory compliant standard across all of our production processes. We pride ourselves on our quality, certification standards.
  • Exceptional in-house R&D Team providing over 66 years expertise in product development, research, food education, and collaborative product design.


Our corporate history


Walker T. Lynch founded the business in 1942. His expertise was in the manufacture of jams, pie fillings, syrups and dessert toppings. He was a true artisan. He rented 900 square feet on the second floor of MacFeeters Creamery on Jarvis Street in Toronto. Walker, with determination, one 80-gallon steam jacketed kettle, and a canoe paddle, began production of our first W.T. Lynch Foods products. Business was brisk for a one-man, one-kettle operation. Some of our first customers were Kresge’s, Woolworth’s, Devon Ice Cream, and concessionaires at Sunnyside Amusement Park. The early products that were manufactured included syrups for cold drinks, milkshakes, and sodas, as well as butterscotch and chocolate for ice cream sundaes. To keep the plant busy during the winter months, hot chocolate, pie fillings, and mincemeat were added to the product line.

The story of Lynch Foods is a family story of success. Walker T. (W.T.) Lynch’s son, Walker J., joined the firm in 1949, and his grandson Scott in 1976, followed by his great grandson, Kyle in 2001. Four generations, one philosophy: “Treat every customer as if they were your only customer, and make your employees as important as your customers.” Everyone in the company shares in the same dedication to quality and service as the Lynch family itself.

In 1968, an 18,000 square foot plant was purchased in Don Mills, Ontario. Today, after many additions, Lynch Foods Corporate Head Office and manufacturing facility occupies over 150,000 square feet in a world-class plant with land for further expansion.

Professional in-house Research and Development in dry blending and packaging of hot chocolate, iced tea, flavoured drink crystals, soup bases, gravy mixes and dessert powders is an on-going factor in the continuing success of Lynch Foods.

The importance of a comprehensive food safety management system was also established early on as part of the company culture.

In 2000, Lynch became the first food manufacturer to be awarded Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) Recognition by the Canadian Food Inspections Agency for four commodity groups.

Lynch achieved SQF certification Level III in 2013 and has maintained SQF certification on-going in honey processing, drinks, soups, sauces, fillings, syrups, mincemeat, spreads, dressings, peanut butter, jams, marinades, gravies, and dessert powders. Certified SQF Edition 8.

Today we are the “Go To / We Do” company:

  • New product – innovation and speed-to-market
  • Improve Quality – existing products
  • Reformulate – clean label, less salt and sugar, natural colour /natural flavour

Our team makes it happen.